T-Mobile, Ericsson achieve ‘peak cell throughput’ of 5.6Gbps

11 Sep 2020

T-Mobile US and Ericsson have teamed up to stage a 16-layer Multi MIMO demonstration, showcasing peak cell throughput of more than 5.6Gbps. The trial utilised one channel of the 2.5GHz spectrum acquired via T-Mobile’s takeover of Sprint. T-Mobile explained: ‘Using a commercially available Massive MIMO radio with 64 antennas from Ericsson and the OnePlus 8 5G smartphones T-Mobile sells today, 16 unique streams of data were transmitted – each stream capable of hitting more than 350Mbps. And with two data streams for each device, that’s 700Mbps for each smartphone, all using the same radio resources at the same time.’

United States, Ericsson, T-Mobile US