STC Kuwait attacks home broadband market with Turbonet 4G/5G product

9 Sep 2020

STC Kuwait has launched a high speed home internet service delivered over its nationwide 4G/5G cellular network under the ‘Turbonet’ banner. The cellco’s website says that its Turbonet solution offers ‘fixed speed reliable and stable’ internet access for residential users with data speeds ranging up to 100Mbps. Turbonet subscribers receive an outdoor fixed router plus an indoor mesh Wi-Fi solution with at least three 4G/5G-compatible Wi-Fi units installed per premises to guarantee full coverage around the home, with no additional installation charges. Turbonet is targeted at ‘customers who require stable fixed internet with high speeds but are not able to get wired internet due to cabling, infrastructure and other common related limitations.’

An entry-level 25Mbps Turbonet package costs KWD25 (USD81.5) per month, alongside two higher-tier packages priced at KWD40 (50Mbps) and KWD60 (100Mbps), all subject to a 24-month commitment.

Kuwait, STC Kuwait (formerly Viva)