Telstra highlights new milestones in 5G rollout

2 Sep 2020

Australia’s Telstra has announced that it now has more than 1,500 5G sites in operation across ‘selected areas of 53 … cites and towns’, while highlighting its most recent network developments in the states of Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. According to the cellco, there are now more than 1,000 suburbs nationally that are ‘more than half covered by Telstra’s 5G infrastructure’, while it claims that ‘more than ten million people live, work or pass through [its] 5G footprint every day’.

In terms of specific recent network expansion, the operator noted that it has now switched on its 450th 5G site in Victoria, where there are now around 240 suburbs across that state with more than 50% geographic 5G coverage. Meanwhile, in Queensland Telstra now has 400 5G sites on-air, with around 280 suburbs having at least 50% geographic coverage. Rounding out its latest raft of announcements, Telstra confirmed the switching on of its 30th 5G base station in Tasmania, where 49 suburbs are now reported to have 50% geographic 5G coverage.

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