Tele2 reaches its 68th Russian region

28 Aug 2020

Tele2 Russia has expanded its mobile network services to the Altai Republic in West Siberia, bringing its total on-net coverage footprint to 68 regions (out of Russia’s 83 excluding the occupied Crimean regions). TDaily reported the development, while Tele2 confirms on its website that it now operates in ‘68 regions, including Moscow [city] and the Moscow region.’ The Altai Republic borders the Altai Krai region which was already served by the Tele2 network.

Tele2 has launched 2G and 4G voice and mobile broadband services with data speeds up to 100Mbps in the Altai Republic, with coverage reportedly including 80% of tourist areas in the region alongside major settlements including the city of Gorno-Altaysk, the towns of Mayma, Chemal, Artybash and others, major highways and more remote mountainous areas.

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