Ethio Telecom outlines targets for current fiscal year

27 Aug 2020

Ethio Telecom has announced a range of targets and objectives for its current financial year, with the company revealing that it aims to increase the total number of subscribers on its books by 13%, to 51.12 million, by June 2021. Broken down by segment, the operator aims to boost mobile voice subscriber numbers to 49.77 million, which would represent an annualised increase of 11.8%, while it is also targeting a more than 215% rise in fixed broadband accesses, to around 670,000 by mid-2021.

With a view to realising such targets, Ethio Telecom has said it plans to improve the quality of services, as well as accessibility, and such will look to expand it network reach while also implementing alternative power solutions both in the capital, Addis Ababa, and other regions. In terms of its mobile infrastructure in particular, the company said that ‘based on traffic growth and demand’, it will boost the capacity of its LTE/LTE-A network in Addis Ababa, while confirming plans to extend the availability of standard 4G connectivity to ‘regional towns’.

Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom