Ucom announces mobile network upgrade

24 Aug 2020

Armenian fixed line, broadband and mobile operator Ucom says that customers will now receive ‘a much higher quality’ of service thanks to a recent mobile network upgrade. In a press release, Ucom Director General Ara Sergei Khachatryan said that the operator has undertaken a ‘thorough analysis’ of its wireless infrastructure to identify any weaknesses in its 2G, 3G and 4G/4G+ systems, most of which have now been ‘eliminated’. Khachatryan went on to claim that ‘subscribers will benefit from services with significantly improved quality’ as a result of the upgrade works, although no details were provided as to the precise nature of the works undertaken.

The release also pointed out that: ‘In recent months, the technical department of Ucom has been replenished with highly professional specialists, many of whom have extremely important experience and skills in working in foreign companies, in particular in the design and maintenance of complex networks. Thanks to their efforts, the power supply of the company’s data centre has been established, two independent UPS systems have been integrated, the cooling system of the data centre has been completely re-equipped, which will now allow us to gain additional time when carrying out technical work during emergencies.’

Finally, the Ucom official said that concurrent to the above, the altnet is working to carry out large-scale improvements to its fixed line networks – the outcome of which will be published soon.

Armenia, Ucom