STC Kuwait trials 2100MHz 5G

24 Aug 2020

STC Kuwait has reported successful trial usage of 2100MHz spectrum to expand its 5G network in partnership with Huawei, claiming a ‘first’ in the country. The operator said that deploying 2100MHz 5G services will enable it to offer better 5G solutions to its customers and lay the foundations for vertical industry applications. STC, which already claims ‘nationwide’ 5G coverage in Kuwait using the 3.5GHz band, added that the 2100MHz upgrade will enhance 5G indoor coverage and uplink capacity, and further improve network latency, with plans for deploying carrier aggregation for 5G NR 3.5GHz/NR 2.1GHz operations.

CTO Fahad Abdulrahman Al Ali commented: ‘Currently, mobile operators are working with vertical industries to jointly explore applications and network architectures for 5G services. Live uploading of HD videos, for example, and other industry applications require significantly greater uplink capacity at specific locations in the mid- to long-term. Accordingly, new solutions are needed to enhance the uplink performance of TDD 5G NR at cell edge.’ He added: ‘The deployment of our upgraded network will provide our enterprise customers with enhanced connectivity options that will boost indoor coverage, thereby accelerating smart developments and promoting digital transformation.’