Kyrgyzstan auctioning 2300MHz spectrum; new interconnection regime approved

21 Aug 2020

Kyrgyzstan’s State Communications Agency (SCA) has launched an auction for wireless spectrum licences in the 2300MHz-2400MHz TDD band in all regions across the country except the capital Bishkek and second largest city Osh. Concessions are valid for ten years, with combined starting bids valued at KGS60.92 million (USD784,000).

The SCA’s website shows that the spectrum on offer is split into three lots as follows:

Lot one: 1×40MHz (2300MHz-2340MHz) in all regions except Bishkek and Osh; starting price KGS82.450 million

Lot two: 1×20MHz (2380MHz-2400MHz) in all regions except Bishkek and Osh; starting price KGS41.225 million

Lot three: 1×40MHz (2340MHz-2380MHz) in Batken, Talas and Naryn regions only; starting price KGS19.691 million.

The SCA – a subordinate agency of the State Committee for Information Technology & Communications – confirmed that registration for the auction is open until the following dates: 3 September (lot one); 4 September (lot two); 7 September (lot three). The auctions themselves will take place on: 4 September (lot one); 7 September (lot two); and 8 September (lot three). Applicants must pay a guarantee deposit of 5% of the starting price for each lot.

Separately, news site Tazabek reported that Kyrgyzstan’s government has approved new regulations to tighten up the network interconnection framework. Under the new rules operators designated as dominant market position holders must accept interconnection requests on a non-discriminatory basis and may only reject such requests if technically impossible.

Kyrgyzstan, State Communications Agency