Subtel publishes tender documents for 5G auction

18 Aug 2020

Chilean regulator the Department of Telecommunications (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones, Subtel) has published the tender documents for the nation’s upcoming 5G spectrum auctions. The regulator is planning to hold four parallel sales, one for each of the bands in which spectrum is being made available: 700MHz, 2100MHz, 3500MHz and 26GHz. Each of the concessions will have a duration of 30 years and, following a consultation period, interested bidders will be able to submit applications between 13 October and 19 October. Announcing the publication of the documents, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was quoted as saying: ‘The spectrum tender for 5G technology is based on four fundamental principles: quality, coverage, technological neutrality and security. For this reason, the contest ensures an adequate level of quality and coverage of at least 90% of the inhabitants of our country.’ The president went on to claim that the technology would initially contribute 0.2% to GDP in direct investment in the first year and 0.5% one the networks are operational at a national level.