Taiwan Star launches commercial 5G service

7 Aug 2020

Taiwan Star has become the latest of the country’s mobile network operators (MNOs) to announce the commercial launch of 5G services, Digitimes reports, following launches from Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile Company and Far EasTone last month.

Initially Taiwan Star is reported to have 5G coverage of 50% of the country’s major metropolitan areas, and it is aiming to increase that figure to 80% by the end of 2020, while it has plans to reach other cities, counties and suburbs of the metro areas by 2023. Meanwhile, it has also been reported that the MNO is now aiming to use the launch as a key driver for subscriber growth, with the cellco said to be looking to increase its customer base to four million within five years, up from the 2.4 million it currently has.

Taiwan, Taiwan Star (T STAR)