T-Mobile Puerto Rico completes Sprint rebranding in PR, USVI

6 Aug 2020

T-Mobile Puerto Rico has confirmed that it has followed in the footsteps of its US parent and rebranded all Sprint assets in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Jorge Martel, vice president and general manager of T-Mobile Puerto Rico, commented: ‘Today marks the beginning of a new era for T-Mobile, for its employees and its customers. We have combined the best of both companies to make it a stronger and bigger one, strengthening our leadership in Puerto Rico.’ As a result of the merger, the Sprint subscribers gain access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, which covers around 80% of the island’s population.

While the bulk of the rebranding activity took place in Puerto Rico, Sprint stores in the USVI – located in Christiansted and Charlotte Amalie – have also switched branding. T-Mobile – which previously maintained coverage of the USVI solely for roaming users – paved the way for its full commercial launch in December 2019, by switching on its 600MHz 5G network in parts of Saint Thomas (including Charlotte Amalie) and Saint Croix (including Christiansted), alongside its Puerto Rican 5G network.

Open Mobile – a joint venture 68%/32%-owned by Sprint and local firm PRWireless since 2017 – continues to trade under its original name. In June 2018 local news sources reported that Open Mobile stores were being rebranded as Boost Mobile, in line with the Sprint sub-brand. With Boost Mobile’s US operations divested to DISH Network on 1 July, the long-term prospects of the Open Mobile brand in Puerto Rico remain unclear.