Verizon prepares for global 5G roaming with South Korea trials

4 Aug 2020

Verizon Wireless has become the first US operator to successfully complete 5G global roaming trials and has a ‘commercially ready’ 5G global roaming service. As such, customers traveling from the US to South Korea with a compatible device will be able to enjoy the benefits of 5G service internationally. The successful trials for voice, data and text messaging were conducted on the live production 5G network in South Korea with a prototype device using dual frequencies. The 5G device, which can access 5G services in the US using millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum, accessed 5G on 3.5GHz spectrum in South Korea. Average speeds recorded during the trial were 252Mbps/119Mbps (down/uplink).

South Korea, United States, Verizon Wireless