JCRA launches investigation following JT network failure

29 Jul 2020

In the wake of what it called the ‘total failure’ of Jersey-based JT’s domestic and international communications network on 12 July, the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA) has instructed Cognitio Consultants to conduct a full governance, technical and security investigation into the operator.

Announcing the development, the JCRA noted it had received an initial report from JT about the outage, which blacked out the operator’s entire network for more than six hours, during which time customers were unable to make any calls or access any broadband or internet services. According to the regulator, it was already completing an investigation into other system failures affecting the 999 emergency call service provided by both JT and rival Sure Jersey under the terms of their respective operating licences and was preparing to publish its conclusions when this month’s outage occurred. It is understood that the Cognitio investigation will seek to establish whether there is any link between the two issues.

Commenting on the matter, Tim Ringsdore, the JCRA’s chief executive, said: ‘This is a matter of significant importance. Citizens and consumers must be able to rely on a robust, well managed, resilient and secure communications network. This is also essential from a national economic and reputational perspective. We will thoroughly investigate the outage as well as the previous problems uncovered with the 999 call service and whether Jersey’s primary telecommunications network is fit for purpose and is fully compliant with the terms of its licence.’

With the Cognitio investigation to begin immediately, JT has confirmed its full co-operation with the investigation team, while under the terms of its concession, it was noted that the cost of the investigation will be borne by JT.

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