AT&T claims ‘nationwide’ 5G coverage

29 Jul 2020

AT&T Communications has announced that its 5G mobile network has achieved ‘nationwide’ coverage, around seven months after going live. According to the telco, 5G coverage is available to 205 million consumers in 395 markets across the US; notable new markets include Little Rock, AR; Jacksonville, FL; Minneapolis, MN; and Houston, TX. While large parts of the country still lack access to 5G technology, the rollout meets the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition of nationwide coverage, which is 200 million people served. By contrast, AT&T’s 4G network covers 319 million people, or 99% of the population. The low band 5G network utilises former 3G spectrum in the 850MHz band.

Chris Sambar, EVP of Technology Operations at AT&T Communications commented: ‘Our strategy of deploying 5G in both sub-6GHz (‘5G’) and mmWave (‘5G+’) spectrum bands will provide the best mix of speeds, latency and coverage that are needed to enable revolutionary new capabilities to fuel 5G experiences for consumers and businesses … As we have throughout our 144-year history, we’ll continue to innovate and invest in our network to expand our 5G coverage to more consumers and businesses across the country.’

United States, AT&T Communications