Vodafone upgrades 124 cell sites in six months to satisfy demand for data

28 Jul 2020

Vodafone New Zealand has revealed it upgraded 124 mobile cells sites in the first six months of 2020, as data use continues to grow by more than 40% each year. As part of a programme to prepare its towers for 5G, the operator predominantly added 4G or 4.5G technology and additional capacity to sites in urban, regional and rural areas across the country. Sharina Nisha, Vodafone NZ’s Head of Platforms, noted that in addition to mobile apps and video streaming, wireless broadband connections proved to be very popular during the COVID-19 lockdown, when fibre cabling installations were not possible. ‘We expect wireless broadband demand to continue to ramp up so we’re planning our mobile network investments to outpace growing demand for these digital services. New Zealand is a large country so we’re focusing our upgrades in areas where there is the most demand – or the sharpest increases in data consumption – and we’ll continue to optimise our network to ensure we offer our customers a remarkable experience,’ she added.

New Zealand, Vodafone New Zealand