Ofcom confirms it is making lower 6GHz band available for Wi-Fi use

27 Jul 2020

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has confirmed that it is making the lower 6GHz band (5925MHz-6425MHz) available for Wi-Fi and other radio LAN (RLAN) technologies. In announcing the development the watchdog claimed that opening the band would ‘make more channels available, increase capacity and reduce congestion in existing bands caused by large numbers of devices’. Alongside this, the regulator also noted that the release of this spectrum would also enable very low power (VLP) outdoor use which, in turn, should allow for the development of new, innovative applications.

In a separate development, meanwhile, it also confirmed that it is to remove the Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) requirements from channels used by Wi-Fi in the 5.8GHz band (5725-5850 MHz); DFS requires a router to scan for radars and to switch channel if suspected radar transmissions are detected. With the regulator arguing that DFS can represent a constraint for equipment manufacturers regarding quality of service and throughput as well as being the cause of connection delays for users, it said it is amending the requirements on this band ‘on the basis that the risk of undue interference from indoor Wi-Fi use is extremely low’.

United Kingdom, Ofcom