Luxembourg's 5G auction raises EUR41.3m

23 Jul 2020

Luxembourg’s Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy (Services des Medias et des Communications, SMC) has announced that four bidders have secured 5G frequencies in the recent 700MHz and 3600MHz spectrum auction, paying a total of EUR41.3 million (USD47.8 million). In the 700MHz band (703MHz-733MHz/758MHz-788MHz), Orange, Post and Proximus were each awarded one of the three available lots of 2×10MHz. In the 3600MHz band (3420MHz-3750MHz), where a total of 330MHz was up for auction, Orange and Post each secured 110MHz of frequencies, Proximus 100MHz and Luxembourg Online 10MHz. Eltrona, the fifth qualified bidder, participated in the auction but failed to win any spectrum. The auction began on 13 July and ended five days later after 38 rounds of bidding, according to the Luxembourg Institute of Regulation (Institut Luxembourgeois de Regulation, ILR).

The 15-year licences, which are renewable at least once for a period of five years, are subject to a number of coverage obligations which aim to ensure 5G services are available in the Luxembourg municipality by the end of 2020 and nationwide no later than 2025.