Hong Kong to offer more 4.9GHz spectrum for 5G

23 Jul 2020

Authorities in Hong Kong have opened a public consultation regarding the potential auction of a further 80MHz of spectrum in the 4.9GHz band, which is suitable for 5G networks. The consultation is open until 18 August. Hong Kong awarded 5G-capable spectrum in the 3.3GHz, 3.5GHz, 4.9GHz and 26GHz bands last year.

A press release from the Communications Authority noted: ‘Following the launch of 5G services in April 2020, it is part of our continued efforts to supply additional 5G spectrum to the market, signifying our strong commitment to supporting long-term 5G development in Hong Kong. The 4.9GHz band, with good radio propagation characteristics, is suitable for providing wide area coverage. It can also be deployed at all indoor and outdoor locations in Hong Kong.’

Hong Kong, Communications Authority (CA)