Dialog Axiata invites Sri Lankans to its trial 5G network

22 Jul 2020

Sri Lankan operator Dialog Axiata has invited users to register their 5G-enabled devices on its trial 5G network to test out the benefits of the latest advances in wireless technology at the Dialog Iconic and Dialog Experience Centres at Alfred House and World Trade Centre, and across several zones in the capital, Colombo.

The carrier’s network – which it says will be rolled out to other areas in due course – was enabled by a tie-up with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) which granted it rights to use spectrum in the 3.5GHz band for pilot trials of pre-commercial 5G services. Dialog hopes such efforts will pave the way for Sri Lanka to ‘innovate’ new 5G related products and services to leverage the benefits of 5G countrywide. It says that having already blanketed more than 92% of the population with 4G LTE broadband, it has now upgraded over 20% of its base station network to a ‘5G Ready Status’ by deploying Massive MIMO (mMIMO) technology on its fixed-wireless Home Broadband Network. The same infrastructure will transmit 5G speeds upon the licensing of commercial 5G spectrum in Sri Lanka, enabling the delivery of nationwide 5G coverage.