AAPSI and ITA upgrade Angola IXP

21 Jul 2020

The Angolan Internet Association (AAPSI) in partnership with Internet Technologies Angola (ITA) announced the upgrade of the Angola IXP (AO-IXP) internet exchange point, switching on a new interconnection node housed in ITA’s data centre. The AO-IXP website says that AAPSI’s new node, sponsored by ITA, improves the robustness and security of communications infrastructure in Angola, facilitating dynamic data exchange between the networks of operators and digital content providers, adding capacity and redundancy for national connections and helping to promote Angolan hosted digital content.

Angola IXP was created as a domestic interconnection project in 2006 to increase local ISP traffic and reduce the need for international internet traffic. Its website currently says that the IXP has at least 22 active peerings.

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