Luxembourg launches 5G spectrum auction

14 Jul 2020

Sector watchdog the Luxembourg Institute of Regulation (Institut Luxembourgeois de Regulation, ILR) has announced that the auction to allocate 5G-suitable frequencies in the 700MHz and 3600MHz bands began on 13 July. The ILR is auctioning 2×30MHz in the 700MHz band (703MHz-733MHz/758MHz-788MHz) with a reserve price set at EUR5.62 million (USD6.4 million) for each 2×10MHz block, and 330MHz in the 3600MHz band (3420MHz-3750MHz) with a reserve price of EUR300,000 per 10MHz block. Usage rights will be granted for an initial period of 15 years and the licences will be renewable at least once for a period of five years. The five qualified bidders are Eltrona, Luxembourg Online, Orange Luxembourg, Post Luxembourg and Proximus Luxembourg. The ILR notes the auction could take ‘several days’.