KCOM contracts ADVA to support fibre broadband rollout

10 Jul 2020

Germany-based ADVA Optical Networking has announced that British broadband provider KCOM has deployed its packet edge technology to support the extended rollout of its full fibre-based offerings. In a press release regarding the development it was noted that, using the compact ADVA FSP 150 demarcation and aggregation device, KCOM is delivering its gigabit-speed-capable ‘Lightstream’ service to ‘tens of thousands more business and residential customers’ in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area. Meanwhile, it has been claimed that the high-density MEF 3.0-certified technology will enable KCOM to smoothly transition from offering 1Gbps speeds to 10Gbps speeds via its access network. Further, ADVA’s packet edge solution also reportedly ensures that the new infrastructure is ‘ready for 5G mobile services and can easily scale to 200Gbps’.

Commenting, Tim Shaw, managing director, wholesale and networks at KCOM, said: ‘ADVA’s technology is empowering us to go further than ever before by creating the UK’s first full-fibre city and delivering super-fast fibre connectivity to previously underserved areas … By leveraging ADVA’s packet edge device, we’ve been able to smoothly transition to 100Gbps capacity in our access network and aggregate lower-speed services.’

United Kingdom, ADVA Optical Networking, KCOM