Vodafone UK showcases 5G SA technology at Coventry University

6 Jul 2020

British mobile network operator (MNO) Vodafone UK has announced that, one year on from its launch of 5G services, it has begun to showcase the next phase of the technology. To that end, the cellco revealed in a press release that it had launched a new 5G standalone (SA) network at Coventry University, in partnership Ericsson, MediaTek, OPPO and Qualcomm. According to Vodafone UK the new network ‘will be used to show the true benefits of 5G, including ultra-low latency, guaranteed speed performance, and the Internet of Things on a never-before-seen scale’.

Coventry University will reportedly use the new 5G SA network to trial state-of-the-art virtual reality learning technologies to support training for student nurses and allied health professionals, as part of its ambition to be the leading university for 5G-enabled technology. Meanwhile, to further support the university’s 5G ambitions, Vodafone UK noted that it has also installed Ericsson’s 5G Radio Dot System in the university’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab and National Transport Design Centre. It claimed that this indoor technology will deliver fast, high-capacity 5G in key buildings.

As previously reported by CommsUpdate, Vodafone UK switched on its 5G NSA network back in July 2019, with initial coverage of seven cities. Since then, Vodafone UK claims to have reached a further 37 locations with the technology, while having ‘massively expanded’ coverage in launch cities.

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