C&W Seychelles introducing 5G for consumers this month

6 Jul 2020

Locally-owned full-service operator Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) will introduce 5G mobile network access for its users with compatible devices on new data usage tariffs during July 2020, the company announced at a recent launch ceremony for the technology which it has rolled out via a project begun in November 2019 in partnership with China’s Huawei. As reported by the Seychelles Nation newspaper, CWS CEO Charles Hammond confirmed that new packages designed specifically for 5G will be released this month, with data allowances of ‘a minimum of 100GB’, although adding that these ‘will not be cheap’. CWS does not yet display the new packages on its social media or company website pages, which state that 5G devices are ‘available to purchase soon’.

Initial 5G network coverage will encompass the capital Victoria, Roche Caiman district and the airport, with CWS promising to ‘gradually’ cover the entire main island of Mahe ‘in the coming months’.