T-Mobile US deactivates Sprint 5G network; leases additional 600MHz spectrum

3 Jul 2020

T-Mobile US has deactivated the 2.5GHz 5G network it inherited from Sprint, as it seeks to re-deploy the mid-band spectrum into its new integrated 5G network. Indeed, the cellco has already re-deployed the spectrum in New York City, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles (all ex-Sprint 5G markets) and Philadelphia. A spokesperson told Fierce Wireless: ‘We are working to quickly re-deploy, optimise and test the 2.5GHz spectrum before lighting it up on the T-Mobile network.’

In other T-Mobile-centric news, the mobile giant has applied for instant spectrum leases with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), with a view to gaining access to 600MHz spectrum currently held by Channel 51 License Company and LB License Co. According to Fierce Wireless, the frequencies cover a number of major markets, including Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New Orleans, St. Louis, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta and Seattle. Currently, the two companies are lending 600MHz spectrum to T-Mobile to help the cellco to boost its network during the COVID-19 pandemic. The parties have filed their application with the FCC, and if granted, the leases would exist until 28 February 2023. If successful, T-Mobile says the spectrum will allow it to provide 5G mobile services in eight of the country’s ‘Top Ten’ largest markets.