Wind Tre plans 5G launch in ten cities this year

22 Jun 2020

The CEO of the Italian telco Wind Tre says that the firm plans to have launched 5G networks in around ten regional capitals by the end of this year, with services extended to 70 cities by end-2021. Jeffrey Hedberg is cited by MondoMobileWeb as saying that local authorities could be doing more to assist operators as they deploy new infrastructure, adding that some mayors are giving in to pressure from anti-5G protest groups which have raised concerns over the effects of radiation from 5G cell towers, even though the International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) declared the technology safe in March this year. Rival telcos Telecom Italia (TIM) and Vodafone launched their own 5G networks twelve months ago.

Italy, WINDTRE (incl. Wind and 3 Italia)