ANCOM review finds no fixed broadband regulation required

16 Jun 2020

Romania’s telecoms regulator the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has opened a public consultation on the wholesale fixed markets, after its review failed to reveal any competition issues that would justify the imposition of specific regulation for the wholesale or retail markets. Interested parties have until 13 July to submit their comments.

ANCOM’s review, which covered the period 2015 to 2019, found the market for fixed broadband remains competitive, due to the insignificant use of the local loop at the wholesale level in Romania, while the retail market is dynamic and steadily growing. The regulator noted fixed internet tariffs are declining, especially for higher transmission speeds, while maximum speeds are constantly improving, and end-users are satisfied with the accessibility and quality of the offered services. Moreover, Romania was considered to have one of the most competitive infrastructure sectors in the EU, with over 480 providers of fixed broadband internet access services in 2019 and a very heterogeneous market structure. ANCOM believes the relatively low penetration rate of fixed broadband is caused by factors outside the telecom market, such as the small number of personal computers and terminals that allow internet access in households, poor digital literacy, as well as the low level of average per capita income, especially in rural areas.