Far EasTone receives 5G licence

11 Jun 2020

Taiwan’s Far EasTone has received the country’s second 5G licence from the National Communications Commission (NCC), Focus Taiwan reports. Following on from reports last week that Chunghwa Telecom had been issued with the country’s 5G concession, the local news outlet reports that following a review of FET’s 5G network build to date, the regulator has issued it with a licence. For its part, FET claims to have already built more than 1,000 5G base stations, far exceeding the NCC’s minimum requirement of 250 for companies to offer a 5G service, and it is said to be aiming to increase the number to 3,000 by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, with regards to the other companies that secured 5G-suitable spectrum in January 2020, the report suggests that Taiwan Mobile Company is the most likely to be the next to receive a 5G licence, with its network said to be under review currently by the NCC.