Ogero’s director, two board members face prosecution

10 Jun 2020

Lebanese state-owned national telecoms operator Ogero’s director general Imad Kreidieh and two of the telco’s board members have been referred to the Court of Auditors to face public prosecution by a decision of the Attorney General at the Court of Auditors on 8 June 2020, L’Orient-Le Jour reported. The referral follows allegations of legal offences on the part of Ogero under a draft consensual agreement between the telco and the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT) for maintenance work and the operation of networks owned by the ministry in 2019.

Fixed broadband and telephony provider Ogero is 100% owned by the government and acts under the supervision of the MoT. Last week Lebanon’s parliamentary telecommunications committee asked Telecoms Minister Talal Hawat to maintain the contract binding the state to Ogero under terms concluded in 2019.

Lebanon, Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT), Ogero Telecom