Proximus expands ‘5G light’ coverage in Flanders

1 Jun 2020

Belgian full-service telecoms operator Proximus has expanded its ‘5G light’ network to an additional 26 locations in Flanders, including central areas of Ghent and Antwerp. However, the cellco has been forced to suspend deployment in the Wallonia region, after several local authorities complained that Proximus had activated the network without prior consultation, despite public unease regarding perceived health risks.

Launched on 1 April in 30 communes in Flanders and Wallonia, Proximus’s interim version of 5G uses the company’s existing infrastructure and spectrum to offer customers with 5G-compatible handsets improved performance and speeds up to 30% faster than LTE-A. The network was not deployed in the Brussels region due to its stricter radiation standards.

Belgium, Proximus