MTS launches SD-WAN on its own infrastructure

29 May 2020

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has announced the launch of SD-WAN technology on its own infrastructure, claiming a Russian first. MTS says its new SD-WAN-powered ‘Managed VPN’ service will allow multi-branch companies to quickly and cost-effectively combine offices into a single non-public secure network and manage it independently, adding that unlike ‘classic VPNs’ the new service allows network managers to ‘logically combine several communication channels into one, automatically redistribute the load between these channels in real time to ensure uninterrupted operation and configure client equipment in all branches from one management point without wasting time setting up each device.’ The telco’s press release continued: ‘The client will be able to monitor the quality of the service on their own account or set up alerts for a specific event. In addition, the client will be able to quickly connect and disconnect new points in one click.’ All necessary user equipment is included in the turnkey solution, which also includes a monitoring system and round-the-clock support. MTS says Managed VPN ‘will be of interest primarily to businesses operating in the field of retail, services, as well as healthcare organisations, the financial sector, state and educational institutions.’ Organisations can test the service for 30 days uncharged.

Russia, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)