Shaw launches residential gigabit internet packages

28 May 2020

Cableco Shaw Communications, Canada’s third largest fixed broadband provider by subscribers, has launched a 1Gbps (download) consumer internet package across more than 99% of its Western Canadian network footprint. The DOCSIS 3.1-based ‘Fibre+ Gig’ service boosts Shaw’s peak residential speed from the previously available 600Mbps, whilst the operator has offered gigabit speeds to business customers since March 2019. Shaw’s president Paul McAleese declared: ‘Because of our continuous investments, homes in even the smallest communities that we serve can get the same fast Fibre+ Gig speeds that customers in Vancouver or Calgary are able to enjoy.’

Fibre+ Gig is available with unlimited data for CAD115 (USD83.5) monthly on a two-year plan, compared to CAD110 for a new second-tier 750Mbps package. Shaw also launched a new entry-level ‘Basic 10’ 10Mbps plan in response to recent demand, costing CAD50 per month on a two-year contract. The premium BlueCurve Gateway DOCSIS 3.1 modem is included with all 150Mbps-plus internet packages.

Canada, Shaw Communications