Telstra issues 5G coverage update, confirms mmWave tests

27 May 2020

Australian mobile network operator (MNO) Telstra has issued an update on the progress it has made with its 5G rollout, noting that after saying last year that it aimed to switch on its network in at least 35 locations by June 2020, it is now ahead of this schedule. According to the operator, more than eight million Australians are currently within its 5G network footprint, which now covers a total of 47 locations. Further, Telstra claimed that there are ‘more than 700 suburbs across Australia [that] are now more than 50% covered by 5G, with some covered up to 100% well ahead of schedule’.

Meanwhile, the operator also announced the launch of a new 5G-capable mobile broadband modem, the Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro, and confirmed that the new device supports mmWave 5G – a technology the MNO is actively testing. While Telstra acknowledged that mmWave spectrum is not expected to be auctioned off until next year, it did reveal that it has three test sites on its network at present, and said that customers who do live near these and buy the new modem ‘might accidentally find [themselves] benefiting from the next iteration of 5G before anyone else in Australia’.

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