Slovenia prepares spectrum auctions

27 May 2020

Slovenia’s Agency for Communications Networks & Services (Agencija za komunikacijska omrezja in storitve, AKOS) has begun preparations for the allocation of new wireless spectrum which can be used for 5G and other services. The regulator says it plans to open a consultation regarding an auction of frequencies in the 700MHz, 1400/1500MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz, 3600MHz and 26GHz bands by July or August this year, while documents relating to a sale of 700MHz spectrum for critical M2M services should be published in the coming days. It also plans a consultation regarding its spectrum management strategy for 2021-2023.

Slovenia had hoped to conduct its auction of 5G spectrum by the end of June this year, but put back its target date to end-2020 due to delays in adopting the revised Radio Frequency Spectrum Management Strategy.

Slovenia, Agency for Communications Networks & Services (AKOS)