VEON Armenia launches LTE-A

21 May 2020

VEON Armenia (trading as Beeline) has launched its LTE-A network in the capital Yerevan, 17 other towns and dozens of large settlements, offering peak throughput of up to 170Mbps. The new service, branded ‘4G+’, offers a significant increase in speed for VEON’s mobile subscribers and is reportedly available in 80% of cities/towns/villages with basic 4G LTE coverage. Customers wishing to take advantage of 4G+ will need a phone or device of category CAT 6 and above; the phone and SIM card need to be compatible with the 4G+ network, it notes.

Commenting on the service upgrade, CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said: ‘The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the demand for the internet will be growing, but for this, operators have to constantly improve their networks. I am pleased to announce the launch of a new modern network. Thanks to it, our customers will enjoy increased speed and usability on the internet.’