Vodafone Italy launches fixed-wireless services

14 May 2020

Vodafone Italy has launched two new fixed-wireless access (FWA) products aimed at customers in digital divide areas. The firm is using its GigaNetwork fibre infrastructure and wireless last-mile connections to offer customers services with download speeds of up to 300Mbps. The multi-year project is targeting 2,000 rural municipalities in all Italian regions, with two tariffs branded Casa Wireless (up to 30Mbps) and Casa Wireless+ (up to 300Mbps).

Andrea Rossini, Consumer Director of Vodafone Italia, commented: ‘With the launch of the Vodafone offers based on the FWA connection, we are adding an important element to our commitment to bring the quality of the GigaNetwork into the homes of our customers. We believe that the whole country must progressively be reached by high-quality connectivity. FWA is a new service that integrates with our ultra-broadband strategy and that will be further enhanced with the spread of 5G.’

Italy, Vodafone Italy