Greek competition authority wants responsibility for telecoms regulation

12 May 2020

Greece’s National Telecommunications & Post Commission (Ethniki Epitropi Tilepikoinonion kai Tachydromeion, EETT) has responded to a report which says there is a greater need for competition regulation in the telecoms sector. The head of the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC), Yiannis Lianos, has written to ministers, according to a report from Kathimerini, stating that responsibility for the oversight of the telecoms market should be switched from the EETT to the HCC, adding that Greece is the only EU member state where the competition regulator is not charged with oversight of the communications sector. The letter has been accompanied by a report from the HCC which says Greece has low levels of competition and the highest mobile data costs of any EU or OECD country.

The EETT has responded by criticising the HCC’s report, saying it presents ‘contradictory’ data and uses flawed methodologies, making comparisons between products from various countries which do not offer equal levels of service. The regulator says that since 2000 it has issued over 100 decisions relating to competition law. Its statement ends by declaring: ‘In the spirit of mobilising all of us in the collective effort for the future of our telecommunications infrastructure and services, we remain open to a meaningful and constructive dialogue with both the political leadership and any involved body or authority in order to achieve a critical national goal for 21st century Greece.’