Virgin Media inks mobile backhaul deal with Three UK

6 May 2020

British mobile network operator (MNO) Three UK has reportedly signed a deal with Virgin Media’s business unit, under which the latter will provide mobile backhaul. Under the deal, Virgin Media’s fibre network will reportedly be used to provide capacity to more than 3,000 of Three’s 5G cell sites, with ISPreview noting that the pair will also build ‘full fibre’ connections to urban hotspot locations as part of Three UK’s programme to ‘densify its 5G network and enhance its 4G service’.

In the absence of an official press release confirming the development, ISPreview noted that both of the companies involved had confirmed the new backhaul deal, and cited Peter Kelly, managing director of Virgin Media Business, as saying: ‘We’re building the high capacity fibre backbone that will link mobile phone masts and cell sites across the country and power the UK’s 5G future … With a powerful network and skilled engineers already in place, our infrastructure will help mobile operators to roll out their 5G network at scale. Virgin Media Business is fast becoming the backhaul bastion for 5G rollout.’ Meanwhile, the MNO’s chief operating officer Susan Buttsworth was quoted as saying the deal would ‘help to meet the growing demand’ for data.

United Kingdom, Hutchison 3G UK (Three UK), Virgin Media