AKADO upgrades international internet capacity to 1Tbps

1 May 2020

Moscow fixed broadband and pay-TV operator AKADO has completed a project to modernise its international cross-border network links, resulting in raising its total external Internet capacity to above 1Tbps. In the announcement on its website, AKADO said it completed a two-stage project to upgrade gateways: in May 2019, equipment was replaced at foreign points of Internet traffic exchange (including Stockholm and Frankfurt), enabling external capacity to reach 650Gbps, and in March 2020 new routers were launched at two metropolitan nodes of its network, where the main junctions with other communication operators were organised. The total throughput of the equipment providing global network connectivity was tripled, allowing AKADO to offer corporate/public sector/wholesale carrier customers new services on 10Gbps/40Gbps/100Gbps interfaces, while expanding existing peer-to-peer interfaces with third party networks, major Internet resources and content providers.

Russia, AKADO Telecom