ECA begins consulting on new directives

29 Apr 2020

The Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) has published drafts of several directives designed to ‘facilitate issuance of telecommunications service licences pursuant to the new Telecommunications Regulatory Framework’, and is now seeking feedback on them from interested parties.

In total, three directives having been published, namely: a telecommunications licensing directive; a consumer rights and protection directive; and a dispute resolution directive. However, the ECA has also revealed that it plans to release additional directives ‘in the next few days’, with these to cover areas including quality of service (QoS), numbering, interconnection, infrastructure sharing and collocation, telecommunications rights of way, and a universal access obligation (USO) framework.

A two-week consultation period will now be undertaken, ending 11 May 2020, following which the ECA has said it will review all submissions and consider the comments made in adopting the final directives.

Ethiopia, Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA)