MoTC confirms details of forthcoming 26GHz spectrum auction

9 Apr 2020

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (Liikenne-ja viestintaministerio, MoTC) has announced that the government has finalised the regulations that will underpin a forthcoming auction of spectrum in the 26GHz band. Confirming the details in a press release, the MoTC noted that it will offer three 800MHz blocks in the 26GHz band at auction, with this spectrum covering mainland Finland, and it has set a starting price of EUR7 million (USD7.6 million) for each block. Meanwhile, the MoTC has also confirmed that the lower part of the 26GHz band (24.25GHz-25.10GHz) is to be excluded from the sale process and reserved for the construction of local networks.

With the regulations set to officially enter into force on 15 April, would-be participants for the spectrum sale will be able to register to take part from 21 April, while the start date for the auction has been confirmed as 8 June 2020. Beyond that, the ministry has confirmed that 26GHz frequencies will be useable for the construction of 5G networks from 1 July 2020.