Slovakia opens 700MHz auction; 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum also on the block

2 Apr 2020

Slovakia’s Regulatory Office (Regulacny Urad, RU) has invited applications for its planned auction of 5G-capable spectrum in the 700MHz band as well as frequencies in the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands. 2×30MHz is available at 700MHz, with operators limited to 2×15MHz each. The spectrum will be sold in 2×5MHz blocks, with each carrying a reserve price of EUR16 million (USD17.5 million).

There are no frequencies reserved for the SWAN Mobile/4ka, the smallest of the country’s four existing mobile network operators (MNOs); it had been speculated that the market’s newest player could have spectrum reserved as it currently has no frequencies in the sub-1GHz range. The 700MHz licences will be valid for 20 years. Winning 700MHz bidders must cover 95% of the population of every county town by end-2025 and 90% of the population outside county towns by 2027, with 70% of the overall population to be covered by 5G by end-2027.

900MHz spectrum carries a reserve price of EUR840,000 for a 2×4.2MHz block and frequencies must be utilised within six months of acquisition, while the 1800MHz licences have a reserve price of EUR550,000 for each of the three 3MHz blocks on offer, with a requirement to use them within twelve months. These licences are valid until end-2025. Applications are open for all licences until 25 May.