Spain informs EC of plan to postpone 700MHz release

1 Apr 2020

Spain’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (Ministerio de Asuntos Economicos y Transformacion Digital, MINECO) has communicated to the European Commission (EC) that – due to the exceptional situation derived from the COVID-19 pandemic – it has decided to postpone the 30 June 2020 release date for the 694MHz-790MHz (700MHz) band, a process known as the Second Digital Dividend. The process involves changing the frequencies assigned to television channels in the 700MHz band, in order for the country’s mobile operators to use the spectrum to deploy future 5G networks.

The Ministry notes: ‘The communication to the European Commission explains that the new date will be determined based on when the containment measures adopted to deal with COVID-19 end. In any case, it is stated that it will be the minimum time required to complete the process.’

Fellow EU countries such as France, Austria and Portugal have all postponed 700MHz 5G auctions in recent weeks, as a result of the pandemic.