No April Fools: Hong Kong sees three 5G launches on same day

1 Apr 2020

Three of Hong Kong’s four mobile network operators (MNOs) have launched their 5G services today (1 April). HKT, Hutchison 3 and China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) are all using newly released spectrum won at auction last year. Hutchison 3 is launching with a HKD388 (USD50) monthly plan which includes 100GB of data transfer, while CMHK is charging HKD438 for 100GB of bandwidth, though customers signing up before 30 June are being offered a discounted monthly rate of HKD298. HKT, meanwhile, is charging HKD398 for 80GB of bandwidth via its CSL brand. Fourth player SmarTone has still to announce when it plans to switch on its own 5G service.