Fujitsu launches ‘commercial private’ 5G network in Japan

31 Mar 2020

In a press release, Japanese company Fujitsu said it was granted the country’s first commercial Private 5G radio station licence from the Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications on 27 March 2020, and will begin operating a private 5G network at its Shin-Kawasaki Technology Square office in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The statement noted: ‘Fujitsu will strengthen crime prevention measures in the building by leveraging its private 5G technology for data transmission of high-definition images collected by multi-point cameras, creating an AI-powered security system that quickly detects suspicious behaviour through motion analysis’. The company is also seeking to obtain a licence for Private 5G at its Oyama plant in Tochigi Prefecture.

Fujitsu obtained a private 5G radio station provisional licence in February 2020, since when it has been ‘verifying the registration and connectivity of base stations and land mobile stations (i.e. Data Communication Terminal), as well as coverage area, in accordance with local telecoms laws, in order to obtain a full commercial licence. Fujitsu’s 5G non-standalone (5G NSA) network is for data transmission and operates in the following bands: 5G: 28.2GHz to 28.3GHz; and LTE: 2575MHz to 2595MHz. Its coverage area is limited to approximately 28,000 square metres on the grounds of Fujitsu Shin-Kawasaki Technology Square.

Japan, Fujitsu