NBN Co to enhance satellite-based offerings

26 Mar 2020

NBN Co has announced new measures – permanent and temporary – designed to provide more broadband data for those customers in rural and remote parts of Australia that connect via its satellite-based service.

In a press release published by the company, NBN Co noted that permanent enhancements are being made to its ‘Sky Muster Plus’ service, which was launched in August last year and currently offers unmetered usage for selected internet essentials including web browsing, emails and internet banking. From 1 April unmetered activities will be ‘significantly expanded’ to cover ‘all online content and applications’, with only two exclusions, those being video streaming and VPN traffic. Further enhancements to the Sky Muster Plus service include: the introduction of a new entry-level tariff aimed at improving accessibility for ‘lighter users’; functionality which will give retail service providers (RSPs) greater flexibility to customise the data allowances on their retail plans; and a new ‘top-up’ feature, which will provide RSPs with the option of offering of ‘top up’ data, should their customers use their monthly metered data allowance.

Meanwhile, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NBN Co has also revealed that, effective 31 March and for a period of up to three months, it will increase the download data limits that apply to RSPs for the standard Sky Muster service. To that end, it has confirmed it will provide an additional 45GB for each connection at no additional cost to RSPs, claiming that doing so will, in some case, ‘effectively double the average monthly download limits on retail plans offered to many of [the RSP’s] customers’. Noting that this offer is ‘an effort to support the anticipated higher volumes of traffic as people work from home and conduct schooling remotely’, NBN Co said it plans to engage with RSPs and review demand on the Sky Muster service following the data increase on a monthly basis and adjust the appropriate level of allocation if required.

Australia, NBN Co