Rakuten Mobile, NEC roll out 5G Open RAN

24 Mar 2020

New fourth mobile operator Rakuten Mobile and equipment manufacturer NEC have begun production and initial shipments of a jointly-developed 5G radio unit (RU), Converge Network Digest reports. In a statement, the two firms confirmed that the new ‘5G RU is equipped with a 3.7GHz frequency band massive MIMO antenna in a compact, lightweight form factor with low power consumption. With the 5G RU, Rakuten Mobile will begin the buildout of its 5G network, starting with the construction of base stations in the Tokyo area, and work toward the launch of 5G commercial services in June 2020.’ The Rakuten Inc venture is currently building out the world’s first end-to-end fully virtualised cloud native network, and in October 2019 successfully implemented the world’s first open, virtualised, distributed radio access network (OpenRAN) in Japan.

Japan, NEC, Rakuten Mobile