Chorus postpones annual wholesale broadband price increase

24 Mar 2020

New Zealand-based wholesale fixed line provider Chorus has announced the postponement of its annual regulated price increase for broadband products as it works to address the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company also indicated in a statement to shareholders that it will continue with plans to reduce the price of its gigabit connection from NZD60 (USD34) to NZD56 on 1 July 2020 as originally planned, to help support home working. Moreover, Chorus said it will work through additional options to provide support for customers, retailers and service companies to ensure as many end customers as possible can stay connected to essential infrastructure as the country enters lockdown conditions. The company stressed that its network continues to have ‘significant capacity headroom’ to support widespread working from home, as daytime consumption remains lower than the usual peak experienced at 9pm.

New Zealand, Chorus (New Zealand)