Vodafone NZ activates new 4G site in Marlborough district

19 Mar 2020

Vodafone New Zealand has announced the activation of a new 4G cell site in the Marlborough District, which the operator claims will radically transform the area’s access to communication services. The company is offering a range of products that includes wireless broadband and VoLTE mobile calling.

This is the first cell site deployed in the district by the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG), a collaboration between the country’s three mobile network operators and Crown Infrastructure Partners which aims to provide 4G mobile and wireless broadband coverage to rural homes and businesses by means of shared infrastructure, as part of the government’s Rural Broadband Initiative 2 (RBI2) and Mobile Black Spot fund. Once the RCG project is completed it will deliver new mobile and wireless broadband coverage to more than 38,000 rural homes and businesses, mobile coverage to a further 1,200km of state highways and provide connectivity to at least 152 New Zealand tourist destinations by December 2022.

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