Africell Holding completes strategic group reorganisation

18 Mar 2020

Africell Holding, which operates mobile networks in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, has announced the completion of a strategic group reorganisation, involving the opening of a new London, UK head office and the legal incorporation of Africell’s US-owned parent company in Jersey (Channel Islands). Ziad Dalloul, founder and CEO of Africell, said: ‘The Group reorganisation is a significant moment for Africell. The changes enacted certify us as a company with bold growth plans, a thoroughly international perspective, and the highest standards of governance and compliance. Africell’s entrepreneurial culture drawn from Lebanon, where Africell was founded, still drives the business on, but our new London base gives a new platform from which we can deliver the next stage of our firm’s development.’

Ian Paterson, Chief Investment Officer of Africell, added: ‘Being headquartered in a dynamic hub like London and incorporated in a major international financial centre such as Jersey gives Africell superior access to investors and partners. It also improves the visibility – and achievability – of exciting new business opportunities, such as the fourth network licence in Angola, for which Africell was recently invited to submit a proposal and which we are keen to pursue in partnership with the government of Angola.’

In 2019 Africell gained a significant investment from the US International Development Finance Corporation (USIDFC, previously OPIC). The mailing address for the Africell group remains in Beirut according to its corporate website at 18 March. (Update: the mailing address subsequently changed to London).

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